If you have any concerns regarding the digestibility of hemp as a food, consult our chef in the section Hemp Help and he can answer all your queries.

Industrial hemp is a very resistant plant that hardly requires pesticides and excessive fertilizers, however, hemp in the market can be ecological or not and that is reflected in the quality and price. Hempatiza since its inception has opted for ecological hemp which, unlike conventional hemp, is cultivated on ecologically certified land for industrial hemp with ecological seeds (without treatment) and using, if necessary, fertilizers such as cattle pellets or fungicides, such as Oil of Neem, insect extract made through the Neem plant. Its collection is guaranteed by ecological certification, with the necessary tools for it and its subsequent transformation, which can only be used on this crop and do not come from other sectors to avoid any contamination with possible external agents. All this creates a big difference in the quality of our product and an added value to our bio-hemp products compared to conventional hemp.

From Hempatiza we have not compromised from the time of cultivation to the packaging presenting all its formats of 500 ml in a totally organic packaging of which 60% of its composition is of vegetal origin and the remaining 40% is composed of resins which are biodegradable after ten years offering added value to the product, but not affecting the final price to the customer. Hempatiza offers a simple, clear and environmental image on our packaging which allows us to be one of the most competitive in the market.