To give maximum publicity to Industrial Hemp due to its wide ranging versatility in thousands of products we also want to be able to offer our users alternative products which we ourselves do not produce but we feel may be of interest. We are looking also to supply textiles, construction supplies, biomass products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. These products made from Industrial Hemp contribute to care for the environment as they are natural in origin. If we can increase the consumption of these products then we can greatly aid climate change as hemp products can be a strong competitor to those products consumed on a large scale currently in the chemical industry for example.

We are committed to helping both society and the climate and Hempatiza, through its distributors, sells the best products on the market made from Industrial Hemp. With all of its products we supply technical sheets, certificates and health registration details. Our main marketing sector is in the area of foodstuffs, and we are a competitive company offering our customers ecological products made with hemp seed oil, flour, proteins, peeled cane seeds and whole hemp seeds. We can offer these products to all enterprises from large corporations to individual companies either for the marketing of our own brand or the manufacture of its own products.

We are able to supply these products in volumes in excess of 200 kilos with special prices for both retailers and wholesalers.