Hempatiza distributes products made from hemp in different sectors such as the food industry, textiles, construction, biomass, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Within the food industry we now find superfoods such as whole hemp seed, hemp seed, oils, flour, protein, flower and leaves. As for the textile sector, although there are more which this encompasses, Hempatiza will begin by distributing clothing, ropes and home textiles. As far as the construction industry is concerned, there are a large number of people who are well aware of the environment, as in this sector there is too much waste created, because of this, people are starting to build ecological houses from industrial hemp, and to this end we offer bricks and insulation made from Industrial hemp.

Since hemp has excellent chemical properties, the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors have not wanted to miss an opportunity and therefore we also distribute creams, body oils and shampoos. Pharmaceuticals are another area unknown to many people and to this end we have products with medicinal properties such as flower and hemp leaf. Cannabinoids are concentrated in the hemp flower (CBD, CBG, CBN, some 113 cannabinoids.) which are used for multiple diseases such as Epilepsy, Cancer, Parkinsons Disease ... From Hempatiza we offer pure strains and oils since they are the best option to be able to relieve certain ailments and hence our interest in the distribution of these products.

All the commented articles are distributed to wholesalers, retailers and individuals, focusing on national distribution but also on an international level. Our main channels of distribution are qualified commercial enterprises, herbal stores and web support.