The cultivation of industrial hemp is spreading all over the world including Spain. The main autonomous communities that are growing hemp are Andalusia, Catalonia, Galicia, Alicante and Murcia. The cultivation of hemp requires very little water, although it does need it, but besides this and land that is not of clay soil but rich in nutrients, sun and love, these are all the requirements we already have for our planting of industrial hemp, but we need to think beyond this. We need to consider what type of seed is needed, how many kilos of seed per hectare, how it will be collected, the mode of conservation, transformation and who buys it.

Hempatiza has been working with hemp for three years in the Region of Murcia. In the beginning we were of experimenting with the value of THC levels, subscribers, productions, climate and other factors. All this has allowed us to know what we can provide and how far we can go, so we put ourselves at your disposal to inform you of the best way according to your needs of cultivation, providing advice in the framework of planting, type of plantation, needs for the seed collection, fibre, flower, and necessary infrastructures. We also have seed for planting organic and conventional hemp in different varieties.

Hempatiza works and collaborates with laboratories and entities of the Murcia region adding to the R & D & I around the industrial hemp, being able to make readily available hemp for commercial development proposals.