Welcome to Hemp Help, a space created by Hempatiza.com in which you can ask for a consultation both culinary to our chef and agricultural to our hemp specialist.

In the culinary space we have Paco García, Executive Chef of the School of Hospitality of the Region of Murcia, and in the agricultural space we have our specialist in hemp José Caballero for consultations of hemp in general.

Thanks to Paco García, who has been involved from the first moment in the development of new recipes as the main ingredient of industrial hemp, he has created an R + D + I department at the La Flota Institute training center, with the aim of introducing hemp in the current food, merging it with traditional foods and offering new ways to consume this superfood with new textures, aromas, etc.

In this CHEF space, you can ask any questions related to industrial hemp with regards to its consumption or integrating it into your recipes in the form of oil, flour, peeled seed, protein or whole seed, and enjoy a delicious plate full of proteins, amino acids, omega 3, omega 6, etc. On the other hand, we have our FARMER space in which our manager of fields and production, José Caballero, can resolve any questions you have about cultivation, planting and processing. These spaces are designed to solve the lack of information or verify the poorly contrasted networks that media offer on occasions.

Here we will solve your doubts with first hand and truthful information.

Do you have any questions about industrial hemp?