Hemp cultivation in Spain has traditionally been a livelihood for many families. Formerly its most common use was for fibre, but today industrial hemp is used in many sectors, the most popular of which are in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, fibre and construction, although we can not leave aside the production of biofuels. In Spain hemp disappeared from 1960 resurging in the year 2000 but only in an experimental form and with small harvests. This has made other countries that have not stopped their production, move to the forefront in terms of cultivation, harvesting and processing in products made from industrial hemp, having seeders, harvesters, presses, and other machinery for processing.

Each country in the European Union has approved varieties suitable for planting industrial hemp. Europe has approved about 100 varieties of hemp that can be planted, but in Spain only 25 of these varieties are legal for planting, with THC levels below 0.2%. However, testing is advised depending on the variety to be planted, as solar power and soil conditions can vary THC concentrations. We offer organic and conventional seeds for planting in Spain in the different areas of food, fibre, medicine, and also advise on the management of industrial hemp cultivation in all its phases.