Hempatiza has been created in Spain (Murcia) in an attempt to try to rescue the historical crops and superfoods produced of Hemp. In Spain the cultivation of hemp has been non-existent since the 20th century, other countries and continents have continued growing and evolving, so we can not stop looking to the future and there is a need always to create new alliances. A few years ago industrial hemp was a great unknown, and these countries have been in charge of industrialising this crop being able to produce flours, proteins, automotive panels, bricks, etc. This processing of hemp has meant that today we have different products at our fingertips anywhere in the world, either through the Internet or through small and large herbal stores in our cities.

In Spain the industrialisation of hemp is now starting up again and our technology both in the field for the collection and in the transformation of the product is scarce. Europe, countries like Holland, Germany and Czech Republic, have not stopped investing in the development of harvesters, shredders, etc. They are great allies for the development of hemp in Spain. We collaborate with countries from both the European Union and the United States and Canada, and this makes us highly competitive since our relationships are both commercial, industrial and R + D + I.