The manufacture of products from Industrial Hemp is highly diverse ranging from ropes to interior panels for the automotive industry, but sadly almost all of the manufacture, production and development in the hemp sector are carried out outside of Spain. Due to a lack of understanding of the product and the production techniques and the law the cultivation of Industrial Hemp in Spain it has almost disappeared completely, but a few companies remain dedicated to the manufacture of ropes and candles, importing raw materials from other countries. Slowly all this is changing and for some years now small independent sectors have been created around Industrial Hemp here in Spain. We now have the production of hemp crops for use in the papermaking industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the hemp seeds for food.

Hempatiza is focusing on the Region of Murcia and all of the cultivation, transport, handling and packaging is done in Murcia with ecologically certified companies. Many of the products offered today on the market are usually from other countries produced or packaged outside of Spain. Our commitment to the manufacture of products made from industrial hemp is to create its production, processing and packaging here in Spain and to centralise the manufacture as close as possible to crops in order to reduce costs and obtain quality products, economically and environmentally friendly in their manufacture.