From Hempatiza we want to offer you a variety of services such as textiles, building materials, pharmaceuticals and foodstuffs to name a few. We are a small company which is aspiring to promote the development of industrial hemp cultivation in the region of Murcia as it is a crop which has disappeared from and been stigmatised by our society.

Hemp is currently marketed worldwide and considered to be a superfood. With production on the rise around the world Spain is sadly lagging behind in this sector, however we are already working amongst many farmers who are channeling their efforts in to industrial hemp in different areas of the country.

We have more than 4 hectares of ecological land located in Mula to produce our own supply of hemp, but demand is strong and as such we also collaborate with both National and European companies who are also ecologically certified to ensure that we can offer a continuous supply. Our production methods focus particulalry on the production of hemp foodstuffs and flowers since currently in Spain there is little industry for the processing of fibre. We are committed to the environment and therefore we are also committed to take on the challenge of producing our products in an ecological way from plant to finished product. Certified and ecological produced seeds through to their transformation and ecological packaging to ensure traceability from start to finish.