We are a young start-up company based in the Murcia region of Spain and are interested in industrial hemp and all that it has to offer. Our intention is to rescue the forgotten methods of the cultivation of industrial hemp which historically has been of vital importance both economically and socially. The properties and versatility of hemp mean that it can be, and is used in thousands of everyday products. The North West region of Murcia was the birth place of industrial hemp in the 20th century along with the areas of Orihuela and the Vega baja. A large industry was located in the North West but over the years disappeared as new laws came in to affect favouring synthetic fibres.

Hempatiza has recently been established and is new to the arena but its industrial hemp adventure began back in 2013. We grew small experimental crops which allowed us to analyse planting times, production yields and testing of the THC levels (below 0.2%) among many other things. In all this time we have been able to learn and appreciate the characteristics of hemp, and we can now offer our customers clear and concise information and services pertaining to hemp and its production together with competitively priced hemp products.

Hempatiza works with different organisations throughout the Murcia region and is currently working with the School of Hospitality of the Region of Murcia (Escuela de Hostelería de la Región de Murcia) in the development of new recipes using the industrial hemp, creating a group of I +D to obtain new flavours and textures. The products we are actually currently working with are the whole seed, the peeled seed, seed oil and flour and also hemp protein.